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The History of Dreads

There is a vast amount of information on the history of dreadlocks, back to Ancient Greece.  Also, as it pertains to many different Cultures (Africa, Australia, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.)  All are equally important.  This is the Caribbean History.  I will cover the others over time.

The Rastafarian religion has its roots in the Universal Negro Improvement Association, a Pan-Africanist organization founded in the late twenties by the Jamaican-born Black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey.

Bahatowie priests of the Ethiopian Coptic Church had been locking their hair since the fifth century.  During the invasion of Ethiopia by Italy in 1935, the emperor was forced into exile, and guerrilla warriors, under the command of Ras Abebe Aregai, swore not to cut their locks until Haile Seassie, “the lion of Judah,” was reinstated to the throne.  Rasta-farianism was born.

In addition to the impact of the conflicts in Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as in Uganda, Jamaicans may have also ben exposed to dreadlocks by way of India:  At the end of the nineteenth century, East Indians were imported to Jamaican by the British as cheap field labor, to farm sugar, etc.  Among these immigrants was a small population of sadhus-nomadic Hindu holy men who lock their hair.

Confronted with the uncontrollable tresses of Rastafarian men, the conservative segment of Jamaican society deemed the look not just disgusting, but downright frightening-hence the term “dreadlock.”  Intended as an insult, the name was eventually reclaimed by the Rastas.  Reggae musicians in particular are largely responsible for popularizing the label and spreading the dreadlock look.  Indubitably the most influential dread ever, Marley single-handedly spread the gospel of Rastafarianism to every corner of the globe.


The word “Locs” is replacing “Dreadlocks” because of the negative connotation of the word “Dread”.  Which means “be afraid or scared of; be frightened.

I started locking my hair over 20 years ago.  I researched for two years before making the decision to Loc.  The book: Dreads, is what helped me make my decision to Loc.  The information regarding the history of Dreads was taking from that book.