My Loc Journey

During my 20 years of wearing Traditional Locs, I absolutely loved them.  I was so proud of them.  I worked in Corporate America, in a political office, when I started them.  I’ve always been free spirited and didn’t concern myself with what others thought.  I take pride in the Whole Me; from top to bottom; from inside and out.  For 15 years I got my maintenance every two – three weeks.  When they were long enough, I did pin-ups with each maintenance.  In the 15th year of wearing my Traditional Locs, I started noticing thinning in the top, with breakage.  I never lost a Loc, but they were very thin.  I cut often to keep the length a little pass my hips.  When I realized the crown was really thin, I cut them shoulder length to help with the weight on the crown.  That helped for a while but the thinning started again.  I cut some more.  By 2018 they were cut to my chin.

In December of 2018 I was washing my hair.  Touching the crown, I heard “that’s enough”.  I knew it meant it was time to cut my Locs off.  I tried to ignore the feeling.  For weeks, it kept popping in my mind.  I knew I needed to do something, but What?  I loved my Locs.  I meditated on it and researched my options.  After much meditation and research, I decided on Sisterlocks.  I read a lot of horror stories.  I knew finding a qualified person that I felt would love and treat my hair the way it deserved, would not be easy.  With 20 years of Traditional Locs, I only had 4 different Loc Technicians.  I knew I needed to find a Sisterlocks Technician I could have a long track record with.  I found one. She wanted me to be sure I wanted to commit to Sisterlocks, so she scheduled me six weeks out.  Because it was not something I planned to do, I hadn’t let my Traditional Locs grow out enough to start the Sisterlocks.  I needed three inches of hair.  I cut my Locs to 3 inches.  I started the process of unraveling them which took three weeks.  I got so sick to my stomach when unraveling them; I had to stop many times.  I guess I was releasing a lot of un-needed energy.

It was quite the shock to see my natural hair out and so short.  When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself.  Not knowing what to do with the TWA, I wore a lot of head wraps.   I tried hair styles, but it was not me and seemed labor intensive.

After two full days of sitting for the Sisterlocks install, I truly didn’t know who was in the mirror.  I looked like a new born chicken.  I decided, this is who I am.  I only wore my head wraps when I felt I wanted the look, not to cover my hair.  Two years later, my Sisterlocks are shoulder length.  They are really filling in.  I’m embracing this new journey.  I know when they get pass my shoulders, I’m going to cut layers to keep the weight off the crown.  I made so many mistakes with my Traditional Locs.  I won’t make the same with my Sisterlocks.