My collection of Natural Material Jewelry is specially designed with the intention of keeping you connected with Nature. 

Harvested in the rainforests of Colombia, Tagua nuts are the seeds of the tree known as the ivory palm. The smooth, hard white center of the seed resembles ivory and has long been used as an ivory substitute. Pieces carved from Tagua nuts are treasured as special mementos and amulets of protection and good health. Each pendant is saturated with dye, producing a vibrant, deep, water-resistant color.

These beautiful pendants are renewable, sustainable, and support the employment of tens of thousands of people.

Copper was found useful for its healing powers both internally and externally. … Metaphysically Copper is known to stimulate the flow of energy and enhance psychic abilities. Known as an energy conductor copper can move energy, amplify thoughts, assist in channeling and communicating with higher dimensional beings.


Tagua Nut w/ Copper Wire – approx. 2 ¾” long x 1 ¾” wide and 16” leather necklace with pure copper clasp.

Copper Vs. Copper Plated

“Copper color”, “copper coated”, “copper plated” – none of this means the same as real copper.  The copper I used on my wire wrapping and copper chains is pure copper.

Over time, plating begins to wear thin, either from cleaning, wear & tear or environmental factors. The thinning copper plate looks patchy & ugly as the underlying metal shows through. If exposed to humidity or moisture, that underlying metal can begin to rust, making the whole thing even more unsightly.

Genuine Pure Copper will last for centuries. A natural patina occurs as copper oxidizes but it will not rust or break down

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