Gorgeous Head Wrap for Good and Bad Hair Days!

Who says you have to have a Bad-Hair-Day to wear Head Wraps!  Accent your crown and frame your beautiful face by wearing a Head Wrap. With the unlimited head wrap styles, you will fall in love with the effortless way they will change your look.

Having a Bad Hair Day…. who has to know?  Who would guess when they see how breathtaking you look?

The edges of this head wrap are tailored to insure no fraying.  Each head wrap is made with two yards of fabric (72″/6′).  This long length is terrific for those styles that require lots of fabric.  If you don’t need that much, it’s easy to make adjustments when styling.  It’s better to have than have not!

My handmade head wraps are made with fabric that is a blend of cotton and spandex. The blend of Cotton with Spandex Jersey Fabric is made of the highest quality fabric. Cotton Spandex Jersey fabric is smooth to the touch and consists of medium weight fabric with a perfect stretch for comfort. This allows for great flexibility when styling your head wrap.

Findings may change, but the overall design will not change.  Actual colors may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colors differently and everyone can see these colors differently. We try extremely hard to ensure our photos are as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor.