The Beginning

I started designing Loc Accessories, December 2010.  I wanted to give my daughter-in-law and Loc Technician/friend something special for Christmas.  We had numerous conversations about the lack of places to buy Loc Accessories.  I would find them when I went to festivals and natural hair shows.

I knew they wanted something to adorn their Locs.   I combed the internet for ideals on how to make hair ties and loc jewelry.  The little information I found was very helpful.  It got me started and excited.

The pieces I made were very nice, but I felt I could do better.  I wanted more professional and unique looking pieces.  All of my spare time went to accomplishing that goal.

The Ladies loved the accessories I made.  They were so excited and impressed; they suggest I make more to sell.  So….. there I went, off on my journey into the world of Loc Accessories.

With Crystals and Stones

I’ve been drawn to crystals and stones for many years.  I used them for their healing properties and because they are so beautiful.  I would make jewelry out of them, so I would have them on me all the time.  I’m personally drawn to copper as my metal.  After researching the healing properties of copper, I understood why.  You are drawn to what you need.

I would get so many compliments on my jewelry.  Just like the message to cut my Traditional Locs (see my journey), I kept feeling I should add crystal jewelry to my business.  I was against it at first.  I only wanted to make Loc Accessories.  I felt there were enough people making jewelry.  It wasn’t my passion.  Unlike my hair, I resisted the jewelry until I couldn’t ignore the feeling anymore.  A year ago, I started making jewelry with crystals and stones to sell.  At first, it was a struggle and draining.  It wasn’t just the designing; I felt the need to make sure every piece had the right combination to aid the wearer.  That, “the intent” I wanted it to have was represented in the choices of crystals I chose.  Sometimes the combination of the crystals didn’t translate to the design I liked.  It was a struggle.  After I let go and trusted in myself, the flood gate opened.  I put much love into my jewelry.  It’s not draining nor a struggle anymore.  It’s pure Joy!  And I’m happy to be a vassal.